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Data Available in MADIS

MADIS currently supports the following NOAA and NON-NOAA datasets.

Meteorological Surface Meteorological Surface
METAR High Frequency METAR
Maritime Maritime
New England Pilot Project (NEPP) National Mesonet/UrbaNet
Climate Reference Network (CRN) Integrated Mesonet
U.S. Historical Climatology Network - Modernization (USHCN-M) Citizens Weather Observer Program (CWOP)
Radiosonde Road Weather Information System (RWIS)
NOAA Profiler Network Radiosonde
Hydrological Surface Multi-Agency Profiler (CAP)
Satellite Wind Aircraft-Based
GOES Operational 3-Hour Aircraft-Based Reports
GOES Experimental 1-Hour Profiles at Airports
Satellite Sounding Radiometer
Satellite Radiance
WISDOM Balloon Wind
RSAS Surface Analyses

Some of the datasets are restricted to certain users. Click here to see MADIS data restrictions.

The datasets in the MADIS database are stored in netCDF files. MADIS provides an Application Program Interface (API) for reading the files. The API is designed to hide the details for reading a netCDF file while providing XML and other text data formats for easy input into user applications.

XML and different text formats are also returned by the MADIS Text/XML Viewer web service.

MADIS RSAS grids can be output in plain text by using the MADIS RSASDUMP program.

The MADIS database is global, but the highest spatial and temporal density exists over North America. Click here to see a map of the MADIS data available in this domain at 0000 UTC on 12 September 2005. For more specific information on geographic coverage, refer to the pages for the individual datasets.

Typical daily volume for all MADIS datasets can be seen here.

Last updated 5 October 2015