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MADIS Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Data Display Questions


Is there a data display for meteological surface observations?


Yes, the MADIS surface display.


I have the following question regarding the variables in the MADIS ACARS data variable list:

What are the 'u' and 'v' components of the wind? Are they the components along the East and North directions? Some other projection? I know that RUC and RAP use the Lambert Conformal grid so their 'u' and 'v' components need to be converted to East and North using a geometric transformation, but I could not find a similar explanation for MADIS data.


The following is from the website you provided under the Notes section. Hope this helps answer your questions.

Wind speed and direction are reported and stored in the database. The user can optionally select u & v wind components and those will be calculated and returned. The QC results from speed and direction will be used In either case, and if one of the map projections has been selected via the MSETDOM call, the winds will be rotated to match the projection.

Otherwise, the u and v components are the east/west, north/south directions.

Last updated 16 March 2017