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  MADIS Sponsored Access

MADIS Sponsored Access

To allow the private sector to work with government agencies, universities, and other organizations on joint projects involving the use of restricted MADIS observations, special access privileges for private companies "sponsored" by government, research or educational organizations have been established.

Note that all mesonet providers who have restricted data have not authorized this type of access. The providers who do allow access to sponsored companies are those whose entries on our Meteorological Surface Mesonets or Hydrological Surface Mesonets pages are marked with an asterisk. Data from all networks willing to allow access by "government sponsored" private companies is put into a special set of data files. All private companies with government sponsors are then allowed access to these files.

For aircraft data, each request for sponsored access will need to be approved individually by all U.S. airlines providing data.

Here's what organizations need to do to sponsor a private sector company to receive restricted MADIS data for a cooperative project.

Send an email to with the following information:

The sponsor has a responsibility to ensure that the company that they are sponsoring follows the above agreement.

We will also need from the company an email with the following information:

The company will also need to fill in our data application form and list in the remarks section that they are requesting the data for the sponsored project.

Last updated 24 May 2017