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  CWOP New Account and Update Form

Citizen Weather Observer Program Registration and Update Form

Real time observations from your home weather station are of great interest to the many people across the country who share your interest in the weather. These data are also of interest to NOAA. Your weather data will be included on the NOAA Mesonet Dataset and distributed to user organizations.

To obtain a CWOP Site ID number, register your HAM Call Sign, or to update your existing CWOP account, please fill out the New Account Request or an Update to an Existing Account form below.

Once you begin sending/resending data packets to CWOP, your site can be registered and/or moved to an active status. If your site is not yet sending data, your site will not be registered and will remain in an inactive status. Your site will be removed from our database if and only if, it is requested, a bad email is associated with the account, and/or the unregistered site has not been completely registered within 90 days of account application.

Note: If you also send your weather data to another Internet site, please notify MADIS technical support so they will be aware of the possibility of duplicate data.

Thank you for participating in the Citizen Weather Observer Program!

Is this a New Account Request or an Update to an Existing Account?

Questions? Please contact CWOP Support.